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5A's in UPSR..

Salam.. I am very sorry cuz' I've not posted for long time.. That's because I am too busy studying for the UPSR and that is on tomorrow ( 8-9-2009 ) The time past very fast.. That's why our parents told us to appreciate time because time is gold in Malay ethnic while in Arabic , they say time is sword and in Chinese , they say time is money.. And Insya-Allah , I will get 5A's.. Past few days , the headmaster in my school told us " If 40 pupils and above got 5A's , I will treat you all for a lunch at KFC , Pengkalan Chepa and that is at the airport " .. He3 :P .. All my friends were cheering happily.. All the Year 6 pupils pray Sunat Hajat every Monday and Thursday in every week.. We've done many things and we are very proud of the things that we've done.. And very hope that we will get 5A's in the UPSR..

Well , I have to go doing revisions now..


My Favourite Singer !!!!

This is my favourite singer..The name is Taylor Swift. She's so pretty :P.. I like her very much cuz' she has this really amazing voice.. I think u guys know her.. She's famous now. But the first song that everyone knows is 'Love Story'. If u guys haven't hear it yet.. plss search it and hear it.. It's really amazing.

Her BF is Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers but now, they broke-up.. So sad, they are very good and amazing couple. I want them 2gether but it's 2 late.. :( Anyway,Taylor now proud of herself and enjoyed 4 her new life 2 be a well-known singer..Well, I think that's just 4 2 day.. I gonna go make revisions cuz' now i'm way near to UPSR.. I think u guys can guess my age.. Lolz.

OK..Bye Bye ( BB )

From : x-Sufi-x

Answering Tests

Hey guys!!

At my school, I got really bored coz my teachers did not come to teach us in class ... So, I went to the computer lab. My friend, Farah asked me to answer the tests on

Then, I answered the tests easily without any help...First, it was as easy as ABC. But, after the easy part it went more difficult. I was out of ideas to answer the questions. So, I just answer it without thinking..

I had to answer a total of 148 questions. I was one of the first to finish answering the questions. If I can get a lot of correct answer, I can be pick in programs under PERMATApintar through the sponsor of Prime Minister of Department.

I was really excited about this. I hope that I am chosen to take part in the other programs available.

From : x-Sufi-x

InTrOdUcInG MySeLf :P!!

Salam everyone who is reading my blog,
I am so glad cuz' this is my first blog ever..N I wanna thank u very much to my sister who is teaching me how to create this blog although she is younger than me. Lolz! :P....N I want to introduce myself...

First of all, my name is Wan Sufi Zafirah but just call me Sufi.
Second, I just can't tell my age but those who is close to me "It's OK."
Third, I also cannot tell where I live cuz' it's really dangerous such things.
Fourth, :-/ I think that's enough!!

Well, N the last is have a good day......

BB / Bye Bye :D